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Detekaction inc.

We are a Canadian company located in Mirabel, in the province of Quebec. We are active in the specialized searches and screening in the security field.

Within its first’s months of operations, Detekaction established itself as a major operator by training officers and supervising the searches and screening operations at sensitive locations during the G7 summit in Charlevoix.

Relying on its outstanding approach to client services, the vast experience and in-depth knowledge of its directors, Detekaction inc. became, within its first year of operation, the major partner of cruise ship operators such as The Magic (Disney cruise line) and The Queen Mary II for their passenger operations in Montreal, Quebec City and Halifax.

We also provide specific and confidential services to major police corps and ambassies.

Detekaction Security inc.

Established in 2019, Deteckaction Security inc. was created to offer private security services in the province of Quebec, in accordance with the BSP regulations (Bureau de la sécurité privée).

With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, Detekaction Security inc. experienced an exponential growth, picking up responsibilities in prevention of infections within vaccinations and testing sites, CHSLD’s, Senior’s Residences and other Public Health locations. We also provided security in major events, close protection of personal, huge crowd gathering and monitoring of demonstrations.

Our dedicated personal and expertise allowed us to meet these challenges with success.
Considering this experience, we are confident in our ability to face our future mandates with flair, bearing Detekaction security inc. distinct signature.

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