Security search? Our specialty.

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Our flexibility, innovations in our services, our experienced staff and our vast network built over the years are at the base of our success.

Our Story

Renting security equipment

Make your access points fast and secure with our advanced screening equipment.

Metal detector portals

Security first! We have available for rent our specialised metal detector portals (70+ in inventory)

X-ray detection

Need more security? We also offer over 30 x-ray scanning machines.


Safe school program

Prevention and information are our trademark to prevent from dramatic events. We offer proactive strategies to secure our children environments.



A one of a kind.

Mobile unit

Our custom-built mobile unit is one of a kind.

Constructed of aluminium it is light and non inductive with our metal detectors. It can respond to emergency situations and on sites not meant for security screening equipment.

  • Energy sufficient (if needed).

  • ​Operational in 30 minutes or less.

  • Can accommodate 2 controlled access.

  • Fitted with 8 cameras.

Our speciality

 Pre boarding control and searches for cruise ships

We are specialised in pre boarding security of passengers, crew members, baggage, and cargo within the major ports of Eastern Canada.

Our personal is subjected to the high security standards required by Transport Canada.

We are welcoming passengers and crew members with courtesy and respect within the ISPS guidelines.

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